2 May 2013

A Poem About the Dire Situation in Syria

A ssad Day

Bashar Al Assad you make me so sad,
Had a choice to be good, you opted for bad.
Like father like son you bring shame to Al Shaam,
Revel in goodnesss not in haraam.
A Doctor of Opthalmology, how can you be so blind,
To the agony and torment you inflict on your land?
Alawite, Twelver, which will it be?
Will you not listen to Allah's (swt) decree?
Closer to you than your jugular vein,
Allah (swt) knows what is hidden, Allah (swt) knows your shame.
Do you not fear the torment of fire?
That awaits tyrants who cling on to power?
Seek repentance and come into the fold,
Lest Allah's (swt) wrath destroy your world.
The ranks of the oppressed are amassed at the gates,
Yours is not the power to deny their fates!
Al Shaam will be liberated in the days to come,
This blessed land shall be returned to the people once more,
Like the sea reclaiming the sand on the shore.

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