20 May 2013

*~~~Al Kauthar - Ruh~~~*

Recently whilst watching the documentary film, "From Tarim To Granada - There Is No Conqueror Except Allah (swt)" which I posted here: From Tarim to Granada - There Is No Conqueror Except Allah (swt), I came across the unique sounds of Al Kauthar.  Their sound is a mix of Western, Arabic, Andalucian  and Turkish influences with a Sufi soul. It truly reflects the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, global influence of Islamic tradition that permeates Muslim (and non-Muslim) communities throughout the world.

The following description is taken from their Soundcloud page:

"Al Kauthar means abundance in Arabic. And is the name of a river in Paradise.

The unique sound of Al Kauthar is due to a synthesis of different musical styles: Original compositions of a more Western classical character with influences from both Celtic and Flamenco traditions. Arrangements of traditional songs from Arabic Andalusian and Turkish sources.

Music which has the power to touch the spirit of every person whatever their background, and nourish the soul."

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