5 May 2013

Questions for Democracy

Questions for Democracy


Pain and suffering,

What are you doing to your fellow human beings?

Taking away, when you should be giving?


Lies,deception, epidemics and infection,

Bombs and collateral damage,

You complain you can't manage?

Shopping for Prada and Armani while you export the carnage?


Hospital beds and deep water wells,

You need to provide to make people well,

To make a child smile you should drive a thousand miles,

Instead of closing the book you should reopen the file. 


Have you had a hand in creating this situation?

Revisit history, it's not a figment of their imagination!

Divide and conquer was a motto of empire,

Tear apart communities then stoke the fire.


 Oppress the people then call them terrorists,

While drones fly above and lock on to their targets,

A soldier sits in a hanger a thousand miles away,

Hand on the joystick, just like the video games he plays.


Arab springs and fallen kings,

Now you want democracy?

I can't stand the hypocrisy!

Prop up corrupt leaders for decades on end,

Subjugate the people then say you're their friend?

When will you learn that not one soul can be bought?

Not for all the barrels of oil,

Not for all the ounces of gold!



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