3 May 2013

Rebirth - A Poem Dedicated to "New" Muslims


As-Salaamu-Alaikum, welcome to the fold,
Come into the warmth, from outside in the cold.
Blessed are you to venture down this sacred path,
Where faith is your future, heedlessness your past.
Fear not the challenges that lay ahead for you,
Brothers and Sisters are on hand,
To assist and support you when things don't go as planned.
Surrounded by temptation and the habits you want to leave,
Rejoice in the path you've chosen and for the past do not grieve.
Success comes to those who see life as a spiritual journey and not a materialistic game,
Would the sweet taste of Imaan feel quite the same, if with ease it finally came?
Allah (swt) is Merciful, Allah(swt) is full of Rahmah,
Follow the final Messenger (pbuh) and arrive at the gates of Jannah.

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